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Mindful Full Moon Ritual

Treasures to Collect:

  • small strip of paper (I love getting high vibe paper from craft stores and cutting them up)

  • pen

  • matches (I prefer the smell and vibes over a lighter)

  • tealight candle

  • tarot deck

  • incent stick

  • sacred burn bowl (optional-mini torch)

  • glass of water (must be in a glass, metal, or pottery - no plastic - to hold energy)

  • small jar for ashes

  • sage smudge crumbles

  • outdoor water source


  1. On the morning of the full moon come into a sacred quiet cozy space. Use a match to light a candle and a stick of incents, and even use the smoke of the incent to anoint your body. Take a moment to close your eyes and breath like the waves of the ocean.

  2. Holding your glass of water, set your intention for this full moon. This could be a single word, an "I am ____ " statement, something you want to let go of, or anything that comes to mind. Intentions are not goals or long term plans, so try to keep it simple and easy. Visualize your intention in the glass of water, and mindfully drink some water as your incent burns.

  3. Write down your intention for the full moon on a small piece of paper. Roll up your paper and place it in your burn bowl and sprinkle sage over it.

  4. Step outside and use the torch to burn your paper. Continue to drink your water as the paper and sage burn together; embracing the aroma of the smoke. Place the ashes in a sacred jar.

  5. Take a bit of ash and dab it in the center of your palm. Right palm if your intention was something you are letting go of, left palm if it was something you are bringing in.

  6. Optional: If you have a tarot deck, this is a good time for a "1 for fun" card pull. Shuffle your deck and pull one card to see what the full moon has in store for you.

  7. Take an adventure to an outdoor location that has water, preferably moving. Release the ashes in the water and take moment of stillness at this location. Take some water and dab it on the same palm as earlier.

    1. If this is not an option for you, maybe find an outdoor fountain. It's very important to somehow connect with the water, so you could use the kitchen sink as a last resort.

  8. As the full moon rises, bathe in it's energy. This is the perfect time to do an outdoor yoga practice, or simply hang out by a firepit. Come back to your intention as charge in the light of the moon.


Zinfinity Yoga

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